The Unique Approach that Powers Our Programs

Welvie's programs are propelled by three complementary engines.

The Welvie Decision Engine℠

Our rocket fuel. It's our proprietary six-step online model for each of our programs that guides people to more informed health care decisions. For example, the Welvie My Surgery curriculum encompasses two dozen surgery categories and provides actionable information to help people work with their doctors to avoid unnecessary procedures and optimize necessary ones.

The Welvie Outreach Engine℠

Our outreach is analytics-based and ongoing throughout the year to create awareness, drive participation and enhance health literacy among all members. It's also targeted to reach people when they are about to make a health care decision.

It includes:

  • Digital outreach channels — including automated, systems-generated messaging to all participants
  • Smart Direct Mail — powered by Welvie's proprietary analytics technology


  • Rewards (incentives) that are proven to increase utilization
  • Participant surveys and feedback

The Welvie Analytics Engine℠

Our proprietary analytics engine identifies individuals most likely to use the programs and help measure year-over-year financial success.

It features:

  • Baseline analytics: cost, quality, frequency, geography
  • Ongoing risk stratification and target identification


  • Insights into participant program behavior
  • Report generation and unique line-of-sight outcomes analysis

Each of the Welvie programs incorporates all three engines and can be fully deployed in less than 60 days.

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