Meet Welvie
We improve lives by powering decisions.
Welvie's goal is to improve quality of life. How? By building knowledge.

Better decisions, better results

Through our online learning programs, Welvie prepares people to collaborate with their doctors to make better health care decisions, resulting in improved outcomes.

Six simple steps

Welvie's unique six-step health care decision-making process is proven to engage participants. They're inspired to explore their options, think about what's important to them, and ask questions of their doctors.

Available nationwide

Welvie programs are offered nationwide through health plans, large employers, and government agencies.

Proven Results

Better Informed Patients are Satisfied Patients

Welvie's pioneering surgery decision-support product is a proven online product created by neurosurgeons and health care industry professionals. Patients who use the program feel more confident they're making the right choice, and most would use Welvie again.

Agree Welvie helped prepare them to speak with their doctor.

Would recommend Welvie to friends and family.

Will use the Welvie program in the future.

This is an extremely helpful tool — I really liked being able to print off all the questions to ask and have a reviewable printed sheet to keep.

My Surgery participant
I’ve had a recommendation for a Carotid Endarterectomy. After completing all six steps of the Welvie program I am now considering other treatment options. I definitely recommend Welvie.
My Surgery participant
Simple, simple… This has really been an “awesome” experience. I truly hope my family understands why I did this. Thank You.
My Life Letters participant
My wife and I have both completed the My Life Letters program on our separate accounts. This is truly a remarkable product and we commend Welvie for creating this program and giving us the opportunity to complete it. Thank you very much.
My Life Letters participant

We're helping health plans by improving health literacy.

Welvie clears a path for health care consumers to make better decisions and improve their lives, all while improving health care outcomes and lowering health care expenses.

Welvie Saves Lives, Reduces Complications — And Lowers Costs

A three-year randomized control study of 320,000 Medicare beneficiaries, funded through a Health Care Innovation Awards grant, found that Welvie My Surgery participants enjoyed statistically significant improvements in outcomes compared to a control group, including:

Reduction in deaths

Fewer readmissions after surgery.

Better outcomes also improved the bottom line. Over eleven quarters, Medicare (and taxpayers) saved nearly $14 per member per month as participants avoided unnecessary procedures, had fewer expensive complications and were less likely to have to go back to the hospital.



Welvie founded in St. Louis, MO

Chip Tooke, Doug Kronenberg and Charlie Hildebrand transform a small informed consent company into one the nation’s leading shared-decision making companies.

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January 2009

Welvie My Surgery℠ launches

Welvie introduces its pioneering surgery decision-support program.

June 2012

CMMI demonstration begins

Welvie is awarded an innovation grant from CMS covering Medicare Advantage members in Ohio.

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January 2014

Welvie HQ moves to Chicago, IL

New offices open on May Street in the Windy City.

February 2017

Third party validation of CMMI demonstration results

Independent evaluation report by Acumen, LLC highlights effectiveness of the Welvie My Surgery program.

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November 2019

Welvie My Life Letters℠ launches

Welvie introduces its second shared decision-making program focused on advance care planning.

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January 2021

Welvie My Immunity Score℠ launches

Welvie introduces its third shared decision-making program focused on building stronger immunity health.

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