Meet Our Team
Welvie was founded by health care professionals and industry leaders who were concerned about the lack of health literacy among people considering elective surgical procedures.


Many of the professionals who comprise our leadership team helped develop consumer-driven health care more than a decade ago.

Together, the team offers a broad depth of health care knowledge and technology, plus consumer marketing and behavior. We continue to propel innovation in the health care industry with products and services that help people gain clarity and confidence to collaborate with their doctors and caregivers to make better-informed decisions.

Charlton (Chip) Tooke

Chairman and CEO

Chip is recognized for leading companies within the health care industry that are known for their innovations, consumer-focused cultures and high-performance teams.

Before joining Welvie, he was the founding CEO of Lumenos, a pioneer in the field of consumer-driven health care. Based on Chip's foresight, Lumenos consistently led the consumer-driven health care industry with innovations in technology and program design. In June 2005, Chip led the sale of Lumenos to Anthem, Inc. (formerly WellPoint, Inc.), one of the nation's largest publicly traded health benefits companies.

Prior to Lumenos, Chip was president and chief executive officer of Value Behavioral Health, Inc.

Doug Kronenberg

Chief Strategy Officer

Doug jointly founded Lumenos with Chip Tooke. While there, he created the Lumenos product strategy and launched the insurance industry's first effective consumer engagement program. He continues to break new ground in health care by developing techniques to engage consumers in all aspects of their medical care.

Prior to Lumenos, Doug served as the national vice president of marketing for Prudential HealthCare and headed the national marketing organization for Humana, Inc. He spent the first 15 years of his career in packaged goods brand management with both Procter & Gamble and Hallmark, Inc.

Tim Kotas

Chief Operating Officer

Tim brings extensive experience in transformational health care innovation and operations to Welvie. He is responsible for information technology and program analytics. Prior to Welvie, Tim was vice president of product development at Lumenos, where he was responsible for business development, health plan administration, and pharmacy and network management.

Charlie Hildebrand

Executive Vice President, Sales

Charlie's expertise is providing services that enhance efficiencies and reduce costs. He has shared this experience with a variety of payers, health plans and employers. He currently heads the Welvie sales team and serves as the clients' advocate, delivering feedback and continuous product improvement.

Before coming to Welvie, Charlie was senior vice president of the National Solutions Consulting Team at Emdeon. In addition, Charlie was a principal partner in a health claims communication outsourcer, which has grown to be one of the largest companies in its segment.

Thomas Schenk, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Schenk is a practicing physician as well as a seasoned health care executive. He has a substantial record of controlling health care costs through more efficient care delivery, while simultaneously improving quality of care.

Before joining Welvie, Dr. Schenk served as executive vice president and chief medical officer of a leading regional health plan. While there, he oversaw substantial medical cost savings while at the same time increasing member engagement in care management programs. He has also served as CEO for a private physician group.

In addition, Dr. Schenk has been a practicing physician for two decades. This experience allows him to maintain ongoing insight into the doctor-patient relationship and critical issues—such as consumer health literacy.